T4G Regiments of Renown

Updated 25/04/14
– Updated to act as a rules set only and remove information referring to the T4G event from July 2013.
– Reformatted for clarity.
Updated, 02/7/2013
Updated, 24/6/2013

Regiments of Renown is a fantastic system written by the Warhammer World events team.

Welcome to the Regiments of Renown (RoR) event rules pack, brought to you by the Tale of Four Geeks (T4G).

Of course, the rules in the rules pack are adapted from the basic format set out by the official Games Workshop (GW) event at Warhammer World. (I do not take any credit for the RoR rules and have simply reprinted many of them here with my own additions or alterations!)

As with any rules pack or “comp”, this altered set of rules attempts to rebalance the RoR rules set to some extent to make it even more fun to play in a somewhat competitive event.

Any changes made to the original rules set are outlined below to make it easy for players who already have an understanding of the original rules to apply the changes to play under the T4G system.

The development of this pack will be on-going based on community feedback. If you have any suggestions, or spot an issue, get in touch.

Please provide any feedback to TaleOfFourGeeks@gmail.com, or on Twitter @TaleOfFourGeeks

We sincerely hope you enjoy playing under these rules, and look forward to hearing your tales of battle!

Jon Kerr (@Jon_Kerr_T4G)

You can find the T4G Regiments of Renown Rules Pack here: http://taleoffourgeeks.co.uk/T4GRoR.pdf

Current changes to the GW system:

  • Chaos Dwarfs Allowed (why not?!)
  • Epic Flail removed, and replaced with a frenzy ability called Wrong in the Head. (It’s filth, and was in 90% of lists).
  • Units that outnumber the enemy in combat now receive Steadfast. Updated 24/06/13
  • Victory Points altered. Separate set of standard Victory Conditions for all scenarios, in addition to Scenario VPs.
  • Three additional Scenarios added. (These should also go some way to discouraging the one dimension 3-man elite Regiments.)

Please playtest the above rules and let us know what you think! If you feel the changes to the original system help, or hinder the system please let us know either way.

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  1. Simon Bromley says:

    Could you looking at changing the limit of missile weapon rule for thrown weapon, the reason being the make a Ogre force very hard to design, as to include a single Gnoblar means to have to have 4 modules, with is not easy when next cheapest model is 21 points.

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